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It’s okay to be yourself for once. (그것은 자신이 될 괜찮아요.)

It’s okay to be yourself for once.


Sometimes life doesn’t give you chance to breath.
Somehow time being so fast, leaving you alone behind.
And some people just ignoring the pain in your heart.
They judge recklessly about the little mistake you did and just forgot about what you have achieved so far.
They broke you down, till you even unable to cry.

There’s always time you don’t know who you really are.
You are lost. And nobody is there for you.
You are stuck in this harsh world, pretending to be someone.
Someone everybody like.
Someone everybody expected to be.
Someone perfect.

But then you realize that he is not you, at all.
You start to find your own self. Wishing it’s not too late.
Your heart begging for the truth. Your soul thirst for honesty.
Even if you have to digging so deep to find you. Have to bleeding and hurted, it’s okay.
Rather than to live in burden.
Believe me, when you found the true you, it’s the best thing in life.
Noone will never break you down if you proud to be yourself.
World will see fully you.

So, starting from now. Let your chin up.
Be proud. Not arrogant.
Keep smile. Encourage yourself to be the bestest.
Stand up on your own feet.
Let them know who you really are.

And if someday you lost yourself again.
Get mirror and say “It’s okay to be myself.”