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Something you should know about me: a self introduction.

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My name is Nelza Aprilinanita. I’m a Muslim and I’m proud of it. I’m just an ordinary Indonesian girl who has extraordinary dreams to pursuit. I try to live in simplicity. My friend said simplicity is amazing cuz it is close to peacefulness. Rice fields and mountain are my everyday seeing. See how the nature works is somehow makes you learn how to have a big heart ^^ and never forget to be grateful to God.

Well, the idea of making this charity based acc was coming into my mind on late April 2012, after SS4 Indonesia. I’m a newbie in this fangirling world but I feel so blessed being one of the sapphire blue ocean. The most beautiful color in this world. As you know that I’m an ELF and Super Junior gives me so many inspirations. They are not just taking part as idol, but also as friends, oppas, fathers, and even to be my reasons to smile every day. We are not worship them but they are inspires us everyday♥

And my ELFamily, they are not just an ordinary fandom. They are more like a family for me. Consist of many strangers around the globe but feels like they are part of me. If I say they are a part of me, it means they ARE a part of me.

We could pray for each other, say hi and find out if each other are fine, sending good nite or morning message each day, share thoughts and feelings together. Somehow we are getting close connected by SJ. You will believe it or not I’ve ever got an OPERA cd Donghae version sent to my house direct from Tokyo from an ELF! And yes it’s free. We knowing each other just by twitter but she did a lot. This is what I’m talking about 😀

From that moment I was thought that I’ve receive a lot of kindness, and then I have to give more to others. Mentally, physically, or materially. Just give my best. ELF for the World born with that reason. Without any intention to win fame, to get profit nor to ‘owning’ SJ.

I would like to give my best appreciations to fanbases below:

  • @ELFquotes
  • @ELFquotesINA
  • @ELF_thoughts
  • @WorldWideELFs
  • @SuperLegacy
  • @Twelfs
  • @sup3rjunior
  • And the rest of amazing fanbases I couldn’t mention all here.

Thanks for supply ELF’s daily dose of Super Junior, making us update and give us chance to feel that we are always close to SJ even just by reading your twitter timeline, kkk~ 

Oh and I admit that I’m stalking you all the time XD

Thanks for sharing quotes and thoughts, I think you can read ELF’s mind. Creepy! LOL

Thanks for willing to be happy and sad together. Thanks for everything.

Because of you guys I have the courage to make a first step. *bowing*

Well, if you want to talk to me in private just see my personal contact here. Give me your constructive criticism or maybe you want brain-storming about ELF for the World, I’ll take it with pleasure. But no bashing, please.

From strangers, they became my ELF friends. From ELF friends, they became my sisters. From sisters, they became a part of me. Gomawo ELF. ♥” -@ELFquotes-

Hugs, kisses and love,

Nelza Aprilinanita