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How to Donate

Please read all of this explanation very carefully and as a whole.

  1. If you want to give cash:
  • For Indonesian, you could send your donation via Bank BNI acc. number 0187485117 a/n Nelza Aprilinanita.
  • For overseas donor, it is highly recommended to send your donation via Western Union.

    See how here or here 

    Both are just the same, but i think the 2nd one is easier to understand.

     Whenever you willing to give any donation, please send your information to our email BEFORE you send it. Well-communicate could prevent any problems.

  1. If you want to donate goods:

     Please pack your donations well and properly then send it via shipping service to our address. We will send our full address via email after you send your information and what goods you willing to donate. Again, please make sure you pack all of your goods properly before you send it, because broken goods doesn’t have any value-in use for us.

  1. If you want to shopping as well as doing charity:

       It is the most fun way to give your donation. You can have your desire stuff but still donate in the same time! Please drop in to our Facebook Page and see what’s we offer there. See how much profit will be divided to charity, is it 50% or 100%. It’s all up to you, Looks Good by Doing Good. Happy Shopping!

Our Facebook Page.


For donation A or B please send us your information to our email:




  • Name:
  • Full Address (include postal code):
  • Twitter Account:
  • Facebook Account:
  • Exact amount you want to donate:
  • Goods you donate:

    After you send it, you will get a reply. Just follow next steps 🙂


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