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One ELF One Chance for 6jib

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Waiting SJ’s comeback is the best thing ELF can do 🙂

As we all know that 6jib is coming to the town, yeay! New album means new chance to win GDA. And wins GDA means give another pride for SJ and for ELF. It also the last gift for our leader before he enlisting to army T…T

So, here is the plan: from this now on until 6jib released, we ( @ELFfortheworld ) doing fundraising as much as we could. Our target is buying 50 CDs.

You can help us in two ways:
a. give us your donations. No limit to donate and worldwide.
b. buy our things. The profit will be sent to this project. See what’s we sell in our Facebook Page. The price shown is include donations but if you want to increase your donation it is extremely allowed.

And here is the deal:

after we could make it and bought 50 CDs, what we’ll do next is: sell all the CDs with its original price + shipping charges. After it’s sold out, the money from sales will become capital turnover for the next projects.
We expecting to help rising 6jib sales and also give the chance for ELF who can’t buy the album on the day it released, but still could take part in help SJ win the GDA. Make some time for them to saving up without lose the chance to feel the same way like any other ELF 🙂

The problem is: Teuki said that 6jib will released in 2weeks!!!!!
Means it’s less than 1 week now. We have no time >///<

Should I keep up with this project or not?
Or we should collaborate with existing project??

So, what do you say abt this project?

Please send your opinion regarding this project to my email or talk to me on twitter @autumnELFish
It’s urgent, so please hurry up.

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Twitter: @ELFforTheWorld
FB page:
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