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The Reason Behind

     It’s a common knowledge for ELF that Super Junior has been teaches ELF how to live not just for ourselves. How to live passionately. How to struggle in life but still care to fellow. And how to proud to be ourselves. But the main point is: how to love. Yes, they teach us how to love sincerely. Without any intention.

     Hence, we have the will to give back what they have done to us. As their everlastingfriends, we should have to give them support, strength and love. Protect them. Be with them. And be their wings.

     The same thing we do for ELF too. Uri EverlastingFamily. We are special. We aren’t connected by blood but our bond is stronger. We never knew each other in person but many projects we’ve done ended amazingly. We never meet each other in real life but our support to each other seems endlessly. Then why don’t we know each other furthermore?

     We are not talking nonsense. We CAN do this all together. If only we put aside our weakness and stand behind each other. No matter how far the distance among us or whoever we are, as long we still connected to each other we could make it. We are one, remember? And we keep our promise to believe.

     For those reasons, with humility we make ELF for the World. We came from different countries, different language, different skin color, different background, and thousands of other differences. ELF for The World highly expected to be able to bridging those gaps and bring out our best to the universe.


LOL. Heenim~ you~!


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