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Hellow ELF! ♥

     First thing is: we are NOT a fanbase. Yes, we are ELF but we don’t share any news update about Super Junior. Maybe we share a little but only some which is related to our job in charities. Because we are a charity-based account dedicated to Super Junior and worldwide ELF.


     Yes, ELF for the World is a charity-based account that focus on 3 main goals: supports Super Junior, take care of ELF and helps the children in need.

  1. Support Super Junior: we are their everlastingfriends, so it is our responsibility to support SJ in any circumstances. Support them as SJ member or as personally.

ELF for the World wants to be there to help SJ:

  • winning awards
  • taking part in SJ CD sales success
  • birthday and anniversary projects
  • food and gift support when filming/drama musical/DJ/concerts
  • and other mentally support for them, as a group or as a person.

  1. Take care of ELF: we are one big family, so it’s our nature to take care of each other. We can’t left one member of our family behind.Like Lilo said “O’hana means family and family never gets left behind” -Lilo and Stitch-

ELF for the world wants to be there for help ELF:

  • Makes their project’s success (we can support your project materially or we can collaborate)
  • Gives the info about what’s happen to ELF around the globe
  • Gives a support for ELF who is sick or even passed away 😥
  • Connects ELF as a family.

  1. Helps the children in need: we could spread the love to others. We have a plenty of love within ourselves, plenty more if we do it together, so why do we object to share a little for those children in need? You know, the best man in the world is the one who can give his best to another without any intention.

ELF for the World wants to be there for:

  • help children in need, around the world (support by food, clothes, or something else they need)
  • give support for children who struck down by disaster (we really hope could join with UNICEF for this)
  • and any kind of help that could help children around the world getting a better life in future.

Because they aren’t like adults who can die while complaining or expressed their pain, children died in silent. They always trust us, the adults to protect them” –From: Totto-chan’s Children Goodwill Journey-

To make it success, we have some methods for gaining fund.

  1. We kindly accept cash donations.
  2. We sell items to you, and then 100% or 50% of its profit will be given as charitable contribution. The amount of the profit share is based on the items. If it’s written 100% means the items is our own product so we don’t take any personal profit. But if it’s 50% means the items we sell is from another person who join with us so we should share the profit with them.
  3. We also accept goods donations such as clothes, food, shoes or anything else that related to our projects ahead. Further information later.
  4. We will also make fun charity events such as charity night, charity concert, city bike, flash mob, long march or kpop bazaar. So please support us.

In conclusion, we are somewhat similar as a charity institution, fund-raiser and a mix with a spirit of fanbase \\(ˆωˆ)//

*see what our reason for doing this here

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